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112 3rd Street

Baraboo, WI 53913

Telephone:    608 448 4555  
E-mail: LillianVerrall@gmail.com


Lillian Verrall

I named my store after my mom. Mom was the one who piqued my interest in interior design, estate sales, and re-purposing furniture. She was always painting or wallpapering and I loved watching her totally change the feel of a room.

My vision for this store is to give people the opportunity to turn their lightly used furniture and household accessories into cash conveniently without the hassles of posting them on the internet or hosting a garage sale. I also look forward to finding a a new home for your items and making customers happy.

I have the ability to display your items in a lovely and appealing way. I don't just line things up in rows, I display them so they will look their best and are more appealing to the buyer.

So if your thinking of downsizing, changing your décor, or even if you just have some pieces that just don't fit into your design anymore......please contact us!


Sheila Byberg

I can be reached @ 608 448 4555


website: www.lillianverrall.com